Sunday, July 4, 2010

More on hair…

I just cut my hair, really short. Took off all of the relaxed hair on the back and only have about an inch or two of relaxed hair on the front. I can sit here and say I feel natural and beautiful, but why lie. I am just now LEARNING how to love, like, and appreciate my coiled, nappy, kinky, curly, coarse hair because I’ve been TAUGHT all these years that a beautiful woman is one with long straight hair. I feel like a boy, I feel ugly, I feel strange. All of these feelings that I am not at all proud of, but have admit them in order to work on them. I am a product of my society regardless of the fact that I am trying to fight it. Deep inside I feel liberated of years of painful itchy relaxers, hot blow dryers and flat irons. The irony of this all, if there is even any, is that I am still CAROLINA and I never stopped being me, my HAIR does not define my personality, my character, or who I am. Through going natural however, I have learned how to love everything about me the way it is.  

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